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Vitility VIT-70510420 Walking Cane

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The new designed walking cane has some special details making it even more comfortable to walk with! You can walk with a feeling of more freedom and safety due to the fact that the cane is firm and very light in weight. There will be no more ugly scratches on the logo because the logo is now placed on the cane through laser. It is even easier now to adjust the height of the walking cane due to a thicker push button. Thanks to an improved grip design there will be no more slipping, sweaty palms or hand ache. Also the new ergonomic design provides a better position for your ring finger and a more comfortable grip for your middle finger. You will get optimal grip on the surface because of the triangle tip, which by the way will not colour over time.

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VIT-70510420 Walking Cane

VIT-70510420 Walking Cane

Vitility VIT-70510420 Walking Cane

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